The COVID-19 pandemic has largely proven to be an accelerator of cloud adoption and extension and will continue to drive a faster conversion to cloud-centric IT. According to a new whole cloud forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC), total worldwide spending on cloud services, the hardware and software components underpinning cloud services, and the professional and managed services opportunities around cloud services will surpass $1.0 trillion in 2024 while sustaining a double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7%.
Hybrid cloud has become central to successful digital transformation efforts by defining an IT architectural approach, an IT investment strategy, and an IT staffing model that ensures the enterprise can achieve the optimal balance across dimensions without sacrificing performance, reliability, or control. (Source: Business Wire)
Cloud Strategy Survey
In order to better understand your requimrents and exepectation for cloud stragegy and technologies, this survery will help Sangfor perform a great planning and development strategy for product & solution features and capabilities. As a result, that will allow you to enjoy the tailored cloud solution and service.

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